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Oct 6, 2016

When Trolls Aid Your Fund Raiser

When Trolls Aid Your Fund Raiser

Yesterday two people tweeted some very mean spirited things at me. I wrote a huge response on Instagram - here it is verbatim: 

Some very unfortunate trolls have tweeted at me about this fund raiser, one person saying he would "check with authorities" that these funds were actually donated (which I welcome - because that's important) and another person tweeted at me saying, "The ghetto lottery is always a factor in these things #BlackLies" 🤔 Hmm I'm not MASSIVE on the social media sphere so I've never encountered such out-of-pocket trolling. I gotta say, this is deeply disturbing and hurtful and I am taking huge offense to this. I have been shooting protests since 2014 on my own volition (not on assignment, not for any publications, most certainly not for pay). I did so because I knew fashion platforms weren't even *thinking* this was important to cover. I shot these protests and I GAVE the pics specifically to @vmagazine and specifically to @i_d because I wanted the fashion audiences to pause for a moment and WAKE UP or STAY AWAKE. This was my way of being an activist, of using my power of photography and my relationships in media to support the Black Lives Matter movement. -To keep the fight visible, to display it in an honest way, to spark conversation, provoke change, and hopefully trigger some fucking rage. Does it really make that much sense for me to attend these rallies, take these photos over the course of 2 years, sell my prints for a sliver of what they are worth, dedicate my days off for trips to my photo lab, packaging, writing personal notes, and shipping these prints (in some cases HAND DELIVERING), just to capitalize on a fund raiser (which has been running for 3 months now) with a humble goal of $1,500? 🤔🤔🤔 Damn @joannethescammer would be SO UPSET with me for having the worst and most exhausting strategy ever.

I guess these trolls don't know much about me. I guess they don't know I'm an advisory board member of the Filipino American Museum, an unpaid position, and with @famnewyorkcity I helped raise $40K (yes - forty thousand dollars!! 🙌🏾) for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in my mother land. I guess these trolls don't know I helped launch the feminist mag @toprankmagazine where we all worked pro-bono and PUT MONEY into the publication. I guess they never saw those #StopObjectification videos I volunteered to direct for @NormaKamalito raise awareness around the sexual harassment women face daily. I guess they didn't see me in that @dazed article that came out a couple weeks ago supporting @plannedparenthood, and endorsing the awesome shirts @nataliamantini and @buuski made (these tees are being sold and they intend to donate 100% of proceeds to PP!! 💞) Damn, with the power of google, I guess these things about me could have been researched. But why bother when flashing on people via twitter is way easier. I get it, we are all hurting. We are filled with aggression. Peep my fb page, I come off like a perpetually angry activist -slash- @ShaunKing groupie (in between interludes of selfies at @theJerrySpringerShow LOL). Instead of assuming ill intentions, GOOGLE A BITCH. If you are frustrated, hurt, and want to see change - then I urge you to do something about it. You don't have to support my cause, do something that heals YOU, or helps your community, or inspires others. But don't come for me with a savage accusation, do not demean my work because girl, I'm fighting the good fight and this shit is hard. I need not to be deflated, I could really use your hand. If you want to be an activist but don't know where to start, then stop on by my bigcartel and grab yourself a print. I've said it before and I'll say it again - 100% of proceeds will be donated directly to the families of #TerenceCrutcher #KeithLamontScott & #AlfredOlango because BLACK LIVES MATTER

***UPDATE*** Due to this trollage I sold 5 more prints, we are so close to the $1,500 goal. THIS RULES Y'ALL. THIS TOTALLY RULES!

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